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I'm backkkkkkkkk

2013-01-27 17:03:41 by Fearneh

starting to do some more art and i also got a few tattoos

I'm backkkkkkkkk

13 DAYS!!!!!

2012-10-13 05:43:21 by Fearneh

Till my birthday...
but more importantly till my tattoo I'm so excited to be inked :D
This is what i'm getting so excited :3

13 DAYS!!!!!

Follow me pretty please

2012-09-02 18:19:29 by Fearneh

Click to become amazing.

Why hello there

2012-08-26 11:03:43 by Fearneh

Not been on for along arse time did you miss me. ;)
I've finally got my new tablet, I'm in love with it :3
I'm working on 3 pieces now for college.
I'll be sure to upload once i'm happy with them :)

Oh P.S Check out my lovely boyfriends work

I'm Excited

2012-07-08 04:11:10 by Fearneh

I start college in just under 3 months, i'm learning to drive and i'm turning 18 :3
so there will be lots more artwork and maybe a movie and a game in the next few months

I'm Excited

it will be up loaded tonight

Im going to get my old work today

Why hello there.

2012-05-26 13:36:59 by Fearneh

I'm new to all this.
I'm starting a game design course at college so hopefully i'll be posting so of my work soon.

Here's a picture of little face as a peace offering :')

Why hello there.