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I'm Excited

2012-07-08 04:11:10 by Fearneh

I start college in just under 3 months, i'm learning to drive and i'm turning 18 :3
so there will be lots more artwork and maybe a movie and a game in the next few months

I'm Excited


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2012-07-08 05:12:13

1 have fun with college. i seriously need to get started on that stuff...hahaha xD
2 ive been able to drive for like...3 years...
3 congrats on the whole turning 18 thing. you'll soon be legally an adult ._. (not as fun as it may sound)

now im gonna go back to bed as its fucking 4 in the morning! :D
(the reason i commented on here is because i saw you posted a thing and i remembered i commented on your last news post thingy)


2012-07-08 13:37:23

Happy early birthday!

Will you be dorming or commuting to college? Me, I'd prefered to have dormed, but I guess commuting's not so bad. Either way, hope you enjoy it!


2012-07-08 19:03:09

You best do better then me at college. And for the love of God stop snoring ;).

Fearneh responds:

i will and dont snore i sing threw my nose


2012-07-15 10:24:07

Good luck, mom.